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Adam Mackowiak is a world renowned, highly accomplished interior designer. He was born in Poland and raised by a very creative family.

During his twenties, while in Poland, Adam worked in the opera house as a performer. He left Poland in the 1980's and settled in London, Ontario where he currently resides.  In 1986 he founded A-D Studio Design. By the late 1980's Adam formed a very close working relationship with Ital Design of Toronto collaborating on various projects in Toronto and Montreal. In the late 1990's he founded Studio Verdi Design whose name was inspired by his deep admiration for composer, Giuseppe Verdi.

Over the last two decades Adam has worked under the name of Verdi Design.
The experience Adam gained while performing in the opera house and his fascination with stage design is evident throughout his projects as special attention is given to the effect of lighting and its placement.
Adam's extensive experience includes both commercial and residential projects and has been working on projects in Europe and various locations throughout Canada and the United States. His busy schedule with many different projects around Europe and North America allow him and his company to bring the latest trends, materials and technical solutions to new clientele. Adam is always searching for sustainable, ecological and ethical products.  His unique and personal approach to every project has gained him worldwide recognition and loyal clientele.

In his approach to each project Adam says, "In life, the same rules apply in both music and design: balance, rhythm and discipline."

Adam takes great pride in fostering relationships with his clients.

Adam works closely with TAMM Interior Design Products Inc. sharing the same passion to assist in the selection of exclusive products to bring to Canada.

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